Stop the Madness recognizes that no one person, program or organization can independently  solve the complex issues facing our communities; therefore, collaboration is imperative in order to make a significant impact and to create safer communities for our youth and families. 

Stop the Madness offers community-based programs and initiatives that are designed to engage, equip and empower the individuals that it serves. ​

​​Men of Vision

C.L.A.S.S. Academy
It Matters Wellness

An after-school program that is held on the 1st Monday of each month.  First Monday's offers youth a safe an fun enviornment, while providing them with life skills  and enrichment training through the use of structured games, interactive activities, presentations and small group sessions.

​​​​​P.A.C.E.  (Parents and Children Excelling)


P.A.C.E. programs consist of school-based and  after-school  programs.  Under the umbrella of P.A.C.E. are several sub-programs.​

He Matters

She Matters

First Monday's


​​​P.A.C.E. programs consist of school-based and  after-school  programs.  Under the umbrella of P.A.C.E. are several sub-programs.

Young people are always told to say no to drugs, gangs, violence, etc.; however, it is unrealistic to tell youth to say, “No,” to these negative things, unless we give them something positive to which they can say, “Yes.”   Our programs provide youth with the opportunity to say, “YES,” to positive alternatives. 

About Our Programs

Stop the Madness National, Inc. 

June 5 - July 14

This program is designed  "to improve police-community relations and enhance the local community's ability to address issues within their community."

First Monday's

He Matters / She Matters

​Gender-based programs that are designed "to equip young men and women with the skills needed to achieve their greatest potential by providing caring mentors that engage, equip, empower and cultivate positive change."

It Matters Wellness is a community initiative that is designed to assist individuals to improve their overall health. It Matters Wellness offers the community  a comprehensive program with a specific focus on building healthy communities and a culture to promote and support life-long healthy habits. 

Men of Vision

​​C.LA.S.S. Academy
Community Leaders Addressing Social Struggles

A program dedicated to providing men with resources and support as they seek personal and spiritual growth.   The program seeks to equip and help men to develop a compelling vision of masculinity that will bless his life, the lives of his family and the lives of those around him.  

The program focuses on three areas:

              Spiritual/Personal Enrichment



Through well-rounded camp experiences, S.Y.E.C. provides youth with positive alternatives to negative behaviors and activities during the summer months.           Learn more>