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T.J.'s Story: Miracle Child

OUR History

The history of Stop the Madness National, Inc. is rooted in service and ministry. The leading servant and youth advocate has been Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. Dr. Jordan is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently, is serving as Senior Pastor of Mt. Canaan Baptist Church.

Noted for his unyielding “passion for God and compassion for people” he has been actively involved in the process of redeeming the hearts of our nation’s youth for more than two decades. One of the vehicles he uses to do this has been Stop the Madness, which he founded in February of 1992.

In October 1993, Dr. Jordan’s son, Ternae, Jr. (T.J.) and daughter, DeJuan, were at the YMCA waiting to be picked up from a piano lesson when T.J. was shot in the head by a stray bullet. The need for the this madness to stop became more evident to not only Dr. Jordan but also the community. This propelled Stop the Madness into the media and gave a voice to a program that was changing lives.

As a nationally recognized leader on youth violence prevention, Dr. Jordan served as a representative for the House-Senate Republican Faith-Based Leadership Summit held in Washington, DC  in April 2001. He was also chosen by SafeCities of the U.S. Department of Justice to serve on a national panel to discuss safety in after-school programs.

Stop the Madness has experienced tremendous success, but the time has come to take this proven method to communities across this country. There are many communities and cities that have no answer to the growing illiteracy, negative activity and youth violence issues. Stop the Madness would like to lock arms with these communities and cities to make a difference, by touching the lives of our at-risk youth and their families.

To date Dr. Jordan has buried over 105 young people who lost their lives to acts of violence. Isn’t it time we all help “Stop the Madness?"

Stop the Madness 

Past & Present (20 Years of Service)


2009- Present


Stop the Madness, Inc. was founded in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Dr. Jordan's son, T.J., was shot in the head while  he and his sister, DeJuan, waited on their mother to pick them up for piano lessons. Miraculously, he survived and lives a healthy life, with the bullet still lodged between his skull and his brain. 

Dr. Jordan returns to his native home of Chattanooga, TN.  At the request of the former Mayor, Ron Littlefield, Stop the Madness Chattanooga was established.

Due to the overwhelming interests of communities across the country, seeking to adopt the mission and programs of Stop the Madness Chattanooga, the organization changed its name to Stop the Madness National, Inc.

Stop the Madness National, Inc. continues expand and grow its impact ont he lives of youth, families and communities in an at-risk culture. 



Dr. Ternae Jordan, Sr.

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mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to engage, equip and empower youth and families. 

Stop the Madness was founded in 1992, as a means to end the senseless violence and offer positive alternatives to negative behavior for youth.   I had no idea that one year later, my  family's faith would be tested and my own son would join the list of innocent victims.  What began as a small initiative to end violence has now become a life-long journey to "stop the madness by touching lives. 

The journey

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